Austrian composers of the 20th century
who emigrated to the US

Performing this programme, the Austrian musicians
Sigrid Hagn and Taner Türker intend to unite
and honour their highly appreciated composers
Vally and Karl Weigl, Eric Zeisl, Alexander Zemlinsky,
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Arnold Schönberg,
Oscar Nathan Straus and Fritz Kreisler.
The two artists are deeply moved, because these composers
did not fall silent due to the horrific struggles
of their time but gave their outstanding music as a present
to the world.
Being aware of the very sensitve but effecting and sustainable
expression of these composers, it has become a heart´s desire
of both musicians to perform these marvelous compositions
whenever it is possible;
to commemorate these composers.
(What the soul is longing for, you will hear it in the music….)