mozARTE – a marvellous symbiosis of MOZART, the Quintet's genius loci, and "ARTE"

The Salzburg mozARTE Quintet was founded by the Austrian pianist Sigrid Hagn, to mark the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth.
Besides their love of chamber music, the five musicians, who studied at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts and the Salzburg Mozarteum University, share a long and close friendship.
Their repertoire focuses on works by Mozart, masterpieces of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, and contemporary works composed especially for the Quintet.
The ensemble has charmed audiences with its sensitive, virtuoso performances, and has earned great acclaim on numerous concert tours in Europe and Asia.
In autumn 2010, the mozARTE Quintet was invited by the Austrian Embassy to represent Austria in the 2010 cultural capital Istanbul.

The highlight of this visit was the first performance of Violett,  by       the well-known Austrian composer Gabriele Proy.
The Quintet sees music as a way of bringing nations together, and their concert tours afford them the opportunity of gaining a deeper understanding of other cultures and religions.
On the occasion of the 2013 european capital of culture in Marseille-Provence, the mozARTE Quintet was selected, to represent Austria with two concerts in Aix-en-Provence.
In the same year, the mozARTE Quintet performed successfull concerts ath the "International Festival Musique Symphonique" in Algiers. This concert was broadcasted live, by the national Television station.

In addition, the mozARTE Quintet performs concerts all over Austria, addressing the rich cultural heritag of its home country.