We look forward to the next performance of the programe "Ariela - Jewish Women Composers" in Klaipeda at Octoper 12th.
This will be part of the festival Shalom in all the world.

14.04.2023 - Concluding the concert tournee across India with the final performance in Mumbai. The tournee also brought us to  New Delhi,  Kolkatta, Bangalore and we are very grateful for all the wonderful people, we had the pleasuer of meeting!  The concerts were accompanied by introductions of historians at each venue. Dr. Suddhaseel Sen, Dr. Navras Aafridi and Dr. Mehak Burza will gave insights into the historic context and guide throught the themes of the concert series "Ariela".
In addition workshops were held at the Bangalore School of Music.







08.03.2023 - Two concerts in Israel: Sigrid Hagn and Sonja Novcic performed two concerts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It wa a very special honor to perform the programme "Ariela - Jewish Women Composers" at such historic and most relevant sites.
These concerts were made possible with the generous support of the Austrian Culture Forum Tel Aviv.

07.09.2022 - Performance in Ljubljana

Sigrid Hagn and Romana Rauscher had the honor of performing yet another concert of the Ariela -  Program, this time at the Festival - House of Tolerance in the Mini Teater Ljubljana.







Next Concert in Stockholm 24.03.22

Sigrid Hagn an Romana Rauscher will perform the next concert in the "Ariela" Series in Stockholm, at the Austria Embassy in March.
We are looking forward to this next oportunity for spreading the stories behind the music of those female composers!






Online Concert - Austrian Culture Forum Bucharest 27.01.22


Times like these demand the help of technology, in order to keep the cultural exchange flowing.
For the first time, Sigrid Hagn and Romana Rauscher performed the concert series "Ariela - Jewish Women Composers" in the form of an online concert.
Supported by the Austrian Culture Forum Bucharest, Direktor Mag. Kloiber initiated this alternative to the (for the moment) impossible on location performance.


     28.11.2019 Performance of "Ariela-Jewish Women Composers" in London

The Concert year 2019 ended with the performance of the "Ariela"-Programme in the Austrian Culture Forum in London.
After the concert there were wonderful discussions between the artists and visitors (many of which are artists as well).
It was the very intercultural communication and exchange of ideas which makes the soul of this concert series.

22.11.2018 Candle Light Concert Amsterdam

Sigrid Hagn and Janina Ibel play a Candlelight Concert in the Portuguese Synagoge in Amsterdam
with the programme “Ariela-Jewish Women Composers”.
This concert was a co-production of the Jewish Cultural Quarter and the Embassy of Austria in The Hague, on the occasion of the Austrian presidency of the Council of the European Union.


In January, Sigrid Hagn and Janina Ibel (viola) extended the tournee of the programme "Ariela" to Paris, where they performed at the UNESCO headquater in the context of the holocaust rememberance day 2018.  Afterwards the tournee lead her to Madrid and later to Ceuta where a performance together with 30 local children made a beautiful finale.